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Low testosterone can lower one’s self-esteem, motivation sex drive, and other harmful effects. These abnormal levels, however, can be managed through low-t treatment which involves therapies. Doctors try to make everything possible and yes, you can replace low testosterone – but you should be ready for the side effects that come with your therapy.

Only patients with low blood levels should consider having this therapy. Your doctor will conduct a low t-test to check your blood level and to determine if you will undergo therapy or not. The signs and symptoms of low testosterone may be quite subtle while some may be obvious. Some symptoms may be a result of other conditions, but some are common symptoms. They include:

How Low Testosterone Affects Men’s Sex Lives

It is essential to take note that most side effects of testosterone are similar to other health issues. Many men end-up experiencing different kinds of treatment that can actually worsen their situation. Because testosterone controls many functions, its reduction can bring about significant emotional and physical changes.

  • Depression
  • Hair loss
  • Low Sex drive
  • Sperm production
  • Bone density
  • Muscle strength
  • Red blood cell production
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Low self-esteem
  • Erectile dysfunction

A doctor may suggest treatment depending on the amount of testosterone. For men with low levels but no symptoms, medication is not applied as it is like treating aging which is natural.

Benefits of Low-T Therapy

It is quite apparent that low-t therapy is beneficial to men with sexual difficulties. Below are some of the benefits of this therapy.

Healthy Blood Pumping & Functional Heart

A healthy heart pumps blood to the whole body, giving organs and muscles enough oxygen needed for excellent performance. The blood supply in the penis helps hold an erection and reduces the chances of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Strengthens Bones

Testosterone plays a prominent role in bone building and mass. As men age, their bone density decreases due to lower levels of testosterone. Adequately conducted therapy ensures that bones get stronger, helping prevent fatigue and improve sexual performance.

Reduce Fat & Increase Muscles

Muscle development is enhanced by testosterone. High levels of testosterone means stronger muscles and less fat. As men age, these muscles are replaced by the accumulation of fats. Low-t therapy can change this and old men can feel young again.

Improves Reasoning, Concentration & Self-Esteem

Research has shown that low levels of testosterone reduce a man’s concentration and cognitive abilities. Therapies bring life to men who feel weak and depressed due to low testosterone, and as a result of improved self-esteem, they develop a positive attitude towards life.

Better Sex Life

Sexual arousal increases testosterone levels. Many men go for this therapy to improve their libido, although it might indirectly be caused by other conditions such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

Signs That You Need Low-T Therapy

The normal range of testosterone is usually between 300-900 ng/dl. This amount lowers as one grows older and it should be considered normal especially when there are no alarming symptoms. There are cases where low-t therapy has to be applied, and this is when one has the following:

  • Low sex drive– Low-t significantly affects a man’s sex drive, and there is a periodic decline in testosterone levels as they age. This condition is considered normal only for someone who is aging, but a person with low-t experiences a more drastic drop in the urge for sex.
  • Difficulty with erection– Despite the fact that testosterone is not responsible for erection, it plays a significant role in achieving and holding an erection. Other conditions such as atherosclerosis also contribute to this problem. Therefore, a patient with this condition will need to consult with doctors before going for the therapy.
  • Fatigue– Getting tired at old age is normal but getting tired suddenly is a sign that you have low-t.
  • Lack of concentration and poor reasoning– If you realize that concentrating has suddenly become a problem and your thinking poor, it is time to go to your local low testosterone clinic and get low t-test. This problem could also be triggered by other factors such as stress and depression. A proper therapy will help improve this.

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